We are all Afghan and African this week

January 19, 2021

Hey Rockstar,

I have new  stuff for you that takes us to Afghanistan and the beautiful continent of AFRICA. What do you really know about Afghanistan? Did you know it's on the continent on Asia, bordered by China? and that hospitality is a key component of their interactions? Of Africa, did you know there are 54 for nation states (countries) and that each has dozens of different dances? Give these podcasts a listen to learn all of this and more! Each has their own special something for you too 😉

New Podcast Episodes

This week I spoke with Tahe Zalal, a half-Afghan, half-white American woman who was raised in North Carolina.  I won't give it away but there definitely some surprising twists and turns in her story of being biracial. Cooking is an easy way to experience culture and Tahe is a big fan of her aunties' chicken kabob recipe. Here is a chicken kebab  + another chicken kebab recipe to try;   check out this vegetarian kebab option too.  

Listen here: "Growing up Afghan and American "

I also had the great pleasure of featuring Kukuwa Namah, the founder of Kukuwa African Dance Fitness, and her daughter Cassandra in our first Culture Weekend Spotlight. These 15 minute features are designed to expose us BIPOC entrepreneurs and artists contributing to knowledge and  the culture. It was really interesting to learn about Kukuwa's (pronounced: kookoowah) path into teaching African dance fitness classes over the decades. I can attest that these classes have been a lifesaver in breaking through boredom during the pandemic! My husband does them, it my youngest daughter does them, ...I think even Elliot loves it :)

Listen here : 8/22 Spotlight Interview

Want to try a class? listeners get a special discount!

So yeah, It's been a hectic, historical week, to say the least! Turns out that changing the world is a lot of work, right?! Who knew? (put your hand down, smarty pants) . If you are new here, here's the backstory: I started Culture x Co ( you can say Culture and Co), as a way to feel proactive in the face of the deeply entrenched racism in our world that allows men and women of color to be murdered on what seems like a whim. That's heavy but I had to allow myself to bear the weight of the why of it so I could try to find a light. This, whatever it is, isn't going to work unless we ALL allow ourselves to bear the weight of the -isms that threaten to break society's back:

Racism, sexism, classism, cronyism...which ones am I missing...pessimism...?  Yeah, that one for sure never got us anywhere. Knowing all of this, how can we ever think that real change is just a side project?? Just  something to focus on while trying to get through during COVID19? It's not like any of this is new information. I say we do everything differently. Let our future selves read this 5, 10, or 15 years from now and roll our eyes at how long all of this took us. First step, read and everything. Next step: Talk. Learn something about a new culture.  

Thanks for giving me your time. Let's change the world together,



As people, we are more alike than we are different but our differences are beautiful too".


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