What is the Culture of Womanhood : Choice & Expression

March 1, 2021

What is Womanhood to Women? Read what women have to say about it.

What is womanhood and how is it defined by people who identify as Women? This is what I asked myself at the start of this Women's History Month. To get answers, I created this survey that asked questions about what makes womanhood bearable and unbearable. There were 25 respondents (so far, please feel free to answer the survey!) who all identify as female and who all live in the US; 35% are Black women and 65% are White. These women had so much to say and there were some real gems in those responses that I will share as micro blog posts throughout this month that will be shared here on the Culture x Co blog . Here is the first installment:

Womanhood is both birthright and choice

Each answer to our question asking how individuals define womanhood was mostly unique to each person. However, the overarching sentiment is that womanhood is the choice to be any kind of woman you want to be and as one participant said, "the power of being whoever I want to be: a lover, a friend, a sister, an entrepreneur, an auntie, a daughter". Womanhood is the choice of self-expression that is both "being bold and sensitive, strong and nurturing" for one person and having the "Quiet strength" of another. The ability to adapt to the needs of her environment, her family, her friends, and self is common thread. Whether she chooses to be an empathetic nurturer who revels in her sensuality on one day or a workhorse on another (or both in the same day), the most common opinion in all of our respondents was that her way of being is her choice and that womanhood is a diverse experience of diverse people. Join our movement for cultural education and stay tuned for the next installment of this series on the Culture of Womanhood coming soon!

As people, we are more alike than we are different but our differences are beautiful too".


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